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Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool! New Traction on Worn Tires!

Lightweight heated tool cuts new edges into your dull worn out knobby tires.

Use for Motocross Trail ATV UTV Enduro and Racing Use Tread Doctor to cut tires for different conditions. Unit Includes ON Off Switch and Holding Stand

Refresh your front or rear tire before installing a new one. Extends the life of your tire and gives you optimal tire performance throughout the life of your tires


Tread Doctor uses a specially designed heated carbide cutting blade to trim your knobby tires. This easy do it yourself tool gives you new traction for every ride!
With a little practice you can cut the minimal amount of rubber off each time to get a new edge thus extending the life our your tires and giving you maximum traction
for every ride.

Get More Traction For Every Ride with Tread Doctor!

Heated Carbide Cutting Tool for Any Knobby Tire
Use for Motocross, Trail, ATV/UTV, Enduro and Racing
Use Tread Doctor to cut tires for different conditions.
Works on any brand of Motorcycle Tire.
Unit Includes ON/Off Switch and Holding Stand
Easily Pays for itself with Just One Tire.
Get the most out of your tires even as they wear.
CE and ROHS Certified.
Built to UL standards for design, construction and operation.
All components used exceed industry standard for durability and enhanced functionality.