004-4212C - Pol. Clutch Lever 46092-1110

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Pol. Clutch Lever 46092-1110

KiwiX Polished Clutch Lever 4212C

Elevate the control and style of your motorcycle with the KiwiX Polished Clutch Lever 4212C. This lever, designed with a polished finish, offers a sleek appearance while ensuring durability and enhanced clutch operation. It's built for easy installation and provides a firm, comfortable grip, suitable for both street riding and more demanding environments.

Fitment for this model includes:

  • Kawasaki Models:
    • KLX650A "KLX650R" series (651 cc, 1993-1995, kickstart only)
    • KLX650C "KLX650" series (651 cc, 1993-1996, includes US Spec. and Motard versions)
    • KLX650D "KLX650R" (651 cc, 1996, NZ new, kickstart)
    • KLX650D "KLX650R" (651 cc, 1999, EU Spec., kickstart)
    • KX500A series (499 cc, 1983-1988, includes single and twin plug head versions)
    • KLX300A "KLX300R" series (292 cc, 1996-2004, includes JDM and EU Spec. versions)
    • KDX200A series (198 cc, 1983-1994, includes Road Legal and JDM versions)
    • KDX250A series (249 cc, 1980-1984, includes 1st water cooled model and Road Legal versions)
    • KDX250D "KDX250SR" series (249 cc, 1991-1994, includes EU Spec. and JDM versions)
    • KD125A series (124 cc, 1975-1994, includes JDM versions)
    • KDX220A series (216 cc, 1995-2005, includes JDM versions)
    • KDX200E series (198 cc, 1989-1994, includes Road Legal, KIPS versions)
    • KD125 series (124 cc, 1975-1994, includes JDM versions)
    • KLX250D "KLX250R" series (249 cc, 1993-1997, JDM versions)
    • KLX250S "KLX250SR" (249 cc, various years, EU Spec. and JDM)
    • KLX300 series (292 cc, various years, includes "KLX300R" and EU Spec. versions)
    • KX series (various models and displacements, focusing on competition and off-road performance)