ABUS 303 Disc lock

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Park the scooter, put on the brake disc lock and you're done: The 303 makes securing your scooter a convenient minor matter.

With the 5 mm locking bolt made of specially hardened steel and the lock body made of impact-resistant cast metal, you can put up a strong argument against thieves. Even the ABUS quality cylinder of the 303 is anything but a trifle against unauthorized access.

The user-friendly automatic lock makes everyday use a pleasure: simply press in the large push button and your scooter is secured. The two reversible keys that are included in the scope of delivery also contribute to ease of use. And so that dirt and corrosion cannot damage the keyhole so quickly, it is covered with a manual cover.

  • 5mm locking bolt
  • The locking bolt is made of specially hardened steel
  • The lock body is made of impact-resistant cast metal
  • Convenient automatic closure with a large push button
  • ABUS quality cylinder with user-friendly reversible key
  • Two keys included
  • Manual cover for the keyhole against dirt and corrosion