ABUS Granit Victory 68 + 12KS120 Lock & Chain Combination

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The ABUS GRANIT range provide the best security for your bike. The Victory 68 disc lock is an innovative, security solution for your motorcycle. Featuring a 14 mm steel bolt. The bolt, locking mechanism and lock body have been temper hardened against brutal and cutting attacks. The Victory 68 has a rubberised ring and spinning lock body to deflect energy out of hammer attacks.  The ABUS X Plus lock cylinder provide highest protection against manipulations e.g. picking and opening tools. 2 keys, (one torch) and the ABUS X-Plus Key Code Card for additional or replacement keys come with the lock. The 12 mm strong loop chain is fitted with a fabric sleeve to prevent damage to bike paintwork. ABUS chains are made from virgin steel and are temper hardened to make the chain very resistant to cutting and hammer attacks. Both sides of the link need to be cut to open the chain making lots of noise and taking time. The Victory 68 Disk lock can be used separately for travel or short term parking providing a very high level of security on its own.