Arai GP-6S Adult Car Helmet SA2015 (with M6 studs) - White

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The successor of the much loved GP-5K model comes with Snell and FIA 8859 Approvals. The CLC outer shell uses much of the GP-6 RC technology and styling. With M6 Studs.

  • FIA 8859 Snell SA 2015 Approvals
  • CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) outer shell material
  • Enhanced Hyper Ridge
  • Kevlar chin strap
  • Chin air slots
  • Front & rear ventilation scoops
  • 60mm visor aperture
  • Fire resistant lining
  • Visor locking lever
  • Pre drilled for head and neck support anchors
  • White only

The new GP-6/SK-6 Arai Mirrored Visors (VP):

Due to new FIA regulations and new insights in visor technology, Arai will no longer offer fully coated GP-6 shields. (as at August 2016) These shields are replaced by the GP-Y VP-ready coated shields. These shields are not coated on the position where a Visor Panel (VP) may be attached. The coating prevents a sufficient strong bonding between the visor panel and the shield, therefore the area where the VP is to be attached is left uncoated.

All GP-6 VP-ready coated shields will be offered with special decals (stickers) that cover the uncoated part of the visor for better appearance of the shield.