ARI Airplugger - Box of 12

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Box of 12x ARI Airplugger Tools with shop counter display box.

The ARI Airplugger is a tubeless-tire repair tool. The compact, corrosion resistant, anodized-aluminium case holds the auger-type puncture-hole cleaning bit, the plug-insertion needle and five included plug strips. The screw apart case becomes the handle for the hole-cleaning bit and the plug-insertion needle The ARI Airplugger doesn’t come with CO2 cartridges to reinflate the tire.

The ARI Airplugger’s secure, comfortable T-handle grip makes clearing the puncture and properly installing the plug strip much easier than tools with small plastic handles. It’s also more compact than most plug kits once it’s disassembled and packed up. 

Note: 'ARI Live to Explore' was formerly 'FRI Concepts'.