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Supersport discs, developed to provide the highest possible performance on the road and on the track, are available with a rotor measuring 34 mm in width and oversized to 5.5 mm in thickness, fully interchangeable with the original components without any modifications. These are fully floating discs consisting of a rotor in thermally treated steel (capable of resisting extreme thermo-mechanical stress) and a housing machined from billet aluminium alloy.

Derived from the experience gained in SBK and MotoGP, the brand new T-Drive disc is the natural technical evolution of latest generation Brembo competition brake discs. The special shape of the 8 “T” pins on the disc and the eight shapes on the braking torque dragging system housing are the innovative element which strongly differentiates the new T-Drive from discs with cylindrical bushing systems. In fact, as a result of specific studies into process and machining tolerances, this unique configuration transfers braking torque more effectively, providing improved resistance to thermo-mechanical stress, especially in extreme conditions of use such as racing.

Designed specifically for enthusiasts of this discipline, the Brembo 320 mm Motard Disc consists of a thermally treated steel rotor (capable of withstanding extreme thermo-mechanical stress) connected to a billet aluminium alloy housing through the tried and true round bushing mechanism. All assembled by hand.  Made specifically to achieve the best possible performance in competitions, Brembo Motard discs are available with a rotor measuring 34 mm in width and oversized to 5.5 mm in thickness.