Buzzetti Tyre Levers

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Please choose your item carefully using the below drop box, as some items may not represent the picture – if you have any questions please feel free to contact us before placing your order

BZ 4956 - Tyre lever set 170mm, 3 piece set

BZ 4959 - Tyre lever singel 200mm

BZ 4960 - Tyre lever set 200mm, 3 piece set

BZ 4962 - Tyre lever single 240mm

BZ 4963 - Tyre lever set 240mm, 3 piece set

BZ 4968 - Tyre lever single 350mm PRO

BZ 4969 - Tyre lever set 350mm, 3 piece PROSET (see also DS MK4490)

BZ 4970 - Pair of tyre levers for 'Mousse'