C189090GO - 90/90-18 51H TL ContiGO Front Continental Tyres

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90/90-18 51H TL ContiGO Front Continental Tyres

Elevate your riding experience with the Continental ContiGo! 90/90-18 51H front motorcycle tire, designed for the discerning rider who demands performance and reliability. This cross-ply tire is perfect for all-around use, delivering consistent grip across a range of weather conditions for all-year-round reliability. With modern technology crafted to suit the popularity of classic machines, the ContiGo! provides a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.

The advanced compound technology ensures excellent mileage, letting you ride further with confidence, while the innovative tread pattern design promotes even wear and efficient water dispersion to tackle wet roads with ease. The improved carcass construction is tailored for effortless handling and high stability, making your ride smooth and secure.

Whether cruising the streets or embarking on a long-distance journey, the ContiGo! is H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph and V-rated up to 149 mph, ensuring performance is never compromised. Get ready to hit the road with a tire that sets the standard for quality and performance.

**Key Features:**
- Tire Size: 90/90-18 51H
- Load Index: 58 (max load 520 lbs)
- Speed Rating: V (up to 149 mph)
- Sidewall: Blackwall
- Cross-ply construction for versatile use
- Designed for optimal grip in various weather conditions
- High mileage and even wear technology
- Improved stability and handling
- Fits a wide range of motorcycles