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Epoxy with Integrated Glass Fibres

The revolutionary new way to make repairs. ADOS 121 is an epoxy polymer with glass fibres already integrated into the hardener – making use so easy. All the advantages of traditional fibre glassing with none of the disadvantages. Easy 1:1 mixing, strong and flexible. Bridges gaps, waterproofs and can even be applied in the wet to almost any surface: including polystyrene. ADOS 121 is the revolutionary new way to make repairs to anything.

The 1:1 mix ratio of resin and hardener and integrated glass fibres eliminates the use of fibreglass cloth, scissors, brush, roller and clean up solvent, and makes fibreglass repairs quicker and easier than ever. ADOS 121 is strong, with high tensile strength, but is also flexible. It bridges gaps and is self-supporting, so that it can be formed into almost any shape desired.

ADOS 121 is waterproof, with no osmosis. Non-flammable, low odour, no solvent, safe on almost any substrate including polystyrene and most plastics, and it produces significantly less waste compared to traditional fibre-glassing methods.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick and Easy to use
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio
  • Multi-Purpose Structural Repair
  • Epoxy with Integrated Glass Fibres
  • Strong, High Tensile Epoxy
  • Bridges Gaps, Self-Supporting
  • Waterproof, with no Osmosis
  • Flexible, Cures Underwater
  • Suitable for Most Surfaces
  • Suitable to Drill, Mill, Tap, Screw, Sand, Plane and Saw
  • No Cloth Required
  • No Rolling Required
  • No Clean Up Solvent Required
  • No Brushing Required
  • No Masking Required
  • Can be applied in wet conditions or under water
  • Service temperature up to 200°C. To avoid yellowing, the repair can be painted with any repair system.


ADOS 121 fills cracks and holes, bridges gaps, joins, constructs shapes, bonds and replaces traditional fibreglassing methods on:

  • Fibreglass
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Most plastics
  • Glass
  • Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Roofing
  • To join dissimilar objects (e.g. plastic pipe to metal pipe)
  • Almost any substrate