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High Strength Elastomeric Adhesive

ADOS HS-E High Strength Elastomeric Adhesive is a one component structural adhesive with MS Technology. It has excellent adhesion and very strong bond to building materials, metals and plastics making it ideal for applications in the construction, building, engineering, automotive and marine industries. It is extremely versatile and can replace most water and solvent based construction adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and sealants.

ADOS HS-E is free of solvent, isocyanates, acids and silicones so has no odour, will not shrink and is paintable. Weather, water and UV resistant properties make it a durable, colour stable product. It retains excellent bond strength, elasticity and tear resistance over the years.

Features & Benefits

  • High strength structural adhesive
  • Elastomeric (flexible)
  • Bridges gaps
  • Suitable for most substrates - Excellent primerless adhesion and very strong bond on building materials, metals and plastics
  • MS technology
  • Free of solvent, isocyanates, acids and silicones
  • Easy to apply, easy to tool and finish
  • Paintable with most paints based on water, epoxy, polyurethane
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Good extrudability even at low temperatures
  • Excellent mechanical properties, high hardness
  • Adhesion on damp surfaces
  • Completely neutral, no odour
  • Will not shrink
  • Excellent weathering and water resistance
  • Excellent resistance to ageing and sunlight – durable and colour stable
  • High initial tack, reducing the need for initial support
  • Fast curing, quick build-up of end strength, high sheer strength after full cure (no primer)
  • Skins over in a short time – Resisting dust and dirt pick up
  • Withstands mould growth
  • High viscosity
  • Sag resistant


  • Expansion and connection joints in construction, building, automotive, marine and auto body building industries
  • Ideal for construction joints such as – window, door, roof and facades, joints in wood and metal architraves
  • Sealing and bonding of most materials - concrete, brick, fibre cement boards, cement plaster systems, aluminium, iron, copper, brass, zinc, stainless, mild or galvanised steel, masonry, glass, ceramic tiles, marble, natural stone, metals, timber, plywood, rigid PVC
  • To bond panels of the most varied materials, construction materials, roof tiles, to bond in vibrating constructions
  • Joint sealant for air ducts and vacuum systems, containers, tanks, silos, aluminium fabrication, floor joints etc
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use