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Versatile Medium-Weight Filler

CRC ADOS Plastic Putty is an all purpose, versatile, fast curing, medium-weight polyester filler. It gives an extremely high quality finish for general body filling on a variety of surfaces.

CRC ADOS Plastic Putty supersedes other filler compounds because there is no shrinkage.  It is smooth and easily applied, with exceptional adhesion. It cures by a chemical reaction so it will not shrink like common air drying fillers. The special formulation will prevent sagging and pin-holing. It cures tack-free, and is compatible with basecoat/clearcoat systems, eliminating staining and/or bleeding of basecoat.

Features & Benefits

  • All purpose and versatile – Gives a quality finish on surfaces including car bodies, boat, trailer, caravan, bricks, wood, metal, fibreglass, most plastics and many other materials
  • No shrinkage – Cures by chemical reaction so it will not shrink unlike common air drying fillers
  • Fast curing
  • Smooth and easily applied
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Special formulation prevents sagging and pin-holing
  • Cures tack free
  • Compatible with basecoat/clearcoat systems - eliminates staining and/or bleeding of basecoat
  • Can be sanded, filed and painted
  • Has excellent fairing qualities


  • For perfect repairs and a quality finish on a variety of surfaces – car bodies, boat, trailer, caravan, bricks, concrete blocks, wood, masonry, metal, fiberglass, most plastics and many other materials
  • Great for a wide variety of automotive, home, and hobby projects