Daytona ATV Heated Grips

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Daytona ATV Heated Grips - the ultimate solution for staying warm and comfortable during your winter rides. These grips are widely recognized as the industry benchmark, delivering essential warmth and unparalleled performance.

Crafted with two layers of durable rubber, these heated motorcycle grips are built to last. The soft feel grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, allowing you to ride with confidence in any weather conditions. With a closed end design, these grips offer enhanced protection and a sleek appearance.

The Daytona Heated ATV Grips feature user-friendly controls with three different settings: Start, On, and Off. The 'Start' setting enables a rapid warm-up, quickly enveloping your hands in soothing heat. Once warmed up, simply switch the grips to the 'On' position to maintain the desired level of warmth throughout your ride. In the 'Start' position, the grips provide a power bleed of 57 watts, while in the 'On' position, they operate at a lower power of 14 watts.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the included specific instructions tailored for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha models. Whether you're cruising on your ATV or tackling off-road adventures, these heated grips are designed to fit seamlessly and enhance your riding experience.

Don't let cold weather hinder your enjoyment of the ride. With Daytona ATV Heated Grips, you can keep your hands warm and nimble, ensuring optimal control and comfort on every journey. Say goodbye to chilly fingers and embrace the luxury of heated grips.

Upgrade your riding gear today and experience the best way to stay warm on your bike. Order your Daytona ATV Heated Grips now and conquer the winter with confidence!

Note: Proper installation and adherence to the instructions are crucial for optimal performance.