DID Motocross Chain

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DID Motocross Chain - Made in Japan

Don't settle for anything less. Used by Ryan Villopoto to win 4 AMA SX titles

  • All D.I.D 'ER' chains are designed exclusively for racing.
  • 520ERT3 is used by the top factory SX and MX Teams to win races.
  • 520MX chain has higher tensile strength for maximum performance and is ideal for muddy and sandy conditions. 
  • 520VT2 for offroad applications where a sealed chain is preferred, D.I.D's 520VT2 X-Ring® chain provides excellent low friction high performance. 

D.I.D's exclusive SDH pin treatment is featured on the 520ERT2, 520 MX, 520DZ and all NZ Series chains. This hi-tech pin treatment forms an extremely hard chromium carbide layer on the pins surface while maintaining a soft inner core.

SDH treated pins have extreme impact strength while maintaining outstanding shock absorption. This treatment creates a chain with superior wear resistance against invasion of hard foreign materials.



420NZ3 max displacement 150cc (Mini MX)

428NZ max displacement 100cc (Mini MX)

520DZ2 max displacement 450cc (great value)

520ERT3 max displacement 450cc (MX Champion)

520MX max displacement 500cc (heavy duty)

520VT2 max displacement 500cc (narrow chain)


NOTE: Former ERT & 420NZ2 Connecting Links are not interchangable. Former DZ & DZ2 Connecting Links are not interchangable.