DRC Footpegs for Honda Africa Twin

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The DRC Wide Chrome Moly Footpegs are:

  • Durable steel wide foot pegs.
  • Made of chromium molybdenum steel for extreme durability.
  • 50mm step width provides better grip and control. 
  • Mid (Stock step height), High (5mm higher than stock peg position) and Low (5mm lower than stock peg position) are available for rider's body type or use.
  • Black chrome plate coating finish for less corrosion.

The DRC ultra wide foot peg are:

  • 57mm wide and provides better footpeg traction and control
  • The DRC footpeg is 50mm, this new ultra wide footpeg width is 57mm, wider than recent Yamaha OE 55mm foot pegs
  • Made of durable steel, the wider footpeg provides better foot traction and control
  • Available for recent MX/ED models, including KTM 2016 footpegs