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Pro-Lite Front Discs
• Compete “Hub and Rotor” units for direct bolt-on.
• Assembled with sturdy RIVETS.
• Disc rings made from roll forged BILLET STEEL offering 18% more stopping power than stainless steel but with the high strength of steel... better braking and NO risk of cracking as with cast iron rotors.
• Lightweight forged alloy center hub using special high strength ductile mill rolled aluminium alloy, coloured either silver or gold to match bike cosmetics.
• Pro-lite discs resist distortion longer PLUS the unique “Birdswing” drill pattern prevents ridges developing on the rotor.

Rear Discs
• Unique birdswing drill pattern prevents ridges.
• Tough HPSR steel prevents cracking.
• Silver Zinc finish to prevent corrosion.

Standard replacement discs for modern streetbikes made with the EBC unique birdswing drill pattern. Holes overlap such that as pad and disc wears, no ridges are generated, pads stay flatter and last longer.


Find the correct fitment for your scooter or motorcycle here: EBC Brakes Fitment Guide

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