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The original PowerCore is a lightweight and compact 2 stroke silencer constructed of an extruded aluminium canister with nickel plated stinger and end cap. It is fully re-buildable using basic hand tools. It offers that factory look and sound while giving you an increase in power over stock.

With its lightweight extruded aluminium oval canister mated to a perforated core, this 2 stroke muffler is above the competition. The PowerCore 2 provides a strong performance edge for any 2-stroke machine and the performance flow end cap and front stinger are stainless steel for unbeatable durability and an unmatched look.

Taking the proven success of the PowerCore 2, FMF created the PowerCore 2 Shorty, with a shorter inner core length and aluminium canister. This design results in a finely tuned bolt-on performance silencer that maximizes bottom and mid-RPM power.

The PowerCore 2.1 silencer is proof FMF is totally committed to 2-stroke progression. Race-tested, smooth power curve throughout the RPM range. Larger diameter canister for more tunability and longer lasting packing life. Delivers a crisp, notable sound. Lighter than stock. Optimally designed to complement performance of FMF pipes; works and fits FMF or stock.

The Titanium Powercore 2.1 shorty silencer is proof FMF is totally committed to 2-stroke progression in weight, performance and looks. Smooth power curve throughout the RPM range, race tested. Engineered to assault today's tracks built to favour 4-strokes. Larger diameter titanium canister for more tunability and longer lasting packing life. Complete titanium construction, front to back.

Uses the exclusive "Turbine Dampening System". This top-notch product has well earned its U.S. Forest legal status. The straight through design of the spark arrestor canister and the performance flow stainless steel end cap ensures strength, durability and most importantly, track and trail proven unrestricted power. The TurbineCore 2 is the #1 spark arrestor in the world.

Continuing the success of TurbineCore 2, the updated 2.1 is still the #1 spark arrestor in the world. Unrestricted performance unlike other brands that use inserts that can clog up with oil and create potential bike damage. Pounds lighter than stock. Complete Aluminium and Stainless Steel construction. Optimally designed to complement performance of FMF pipes; works and fits FMF or stock. Built In-House at FMF state of the art manufacturing facility in the USA

The "Q":
The highly acclaimed "Q" series. With its longer oval canister, the trademarked Q uses internal technology that retains optimum flow characteristics while enhancing sound absorption qualities. The U.S. Forest legal spark arrestor will meet the mandated 96dB sound level set by the US Forest Service making it the quietest 2-stroke performance spark arrestor made! Serious sound deadening qualities and excellent power.


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