I50 2XL Fury MC5SF Black MX Helmet HJC

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HJC i50 Fury MC5SF Black MX Helmet Size 2XL

Elevate your off-road experience with the HJC i50 Fury MC5SF Black MX Helmet. Designed for peak performance, this helmet offers riders unparalleled ease and comfort without compromising on style or safety. Featuring an advanced polycarbonate shell, it’s engineered using CAD technology to be exceptionally lightweight while providing a superior fit. The i50 model is DOT FMVSS 218/ECE 22.05 approved, ensuring that it meets and exceeds rigorous safety standards that cover energy attenuation, penetration resistance, and the integrity of the chin strap.

An aggressive yet attractive design is coupled with a large, repositioned eye-port that optimizes downward visibility, essential for off-road riding. This helmet also includes HJC’s innovative SLID (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution), reducing rotational acceleration upon impact. Dual-position goggle band fitment and an extended, flexible visor add to the helmet’s functionality, enhancing the rider's comfort and providing protection from sunlight and debris.

Ventilation is no afterthought, with a full-front-to-back "ACS" Advanced Channeling Ventilation system that efficiently flushes out heat and humidity. The SuperCool® interior features moisture-wicking, antibacterial fabric that is both removable and washable, keeping you cool and fresh during long rides.