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Brake DOT 4

Brake fluid

Brake and clutch fluid with a high boiling point (266°C).

- Less sensitive to humidity than DOT 5, perfect for all-terrain biking.
- Can be mixed with all brake fluids complying with the same standards; compatible with DOT 3.

As well as being ideal for all-terrain machines, DOT 4 is suitable for traditional machines subject to constant use.

Brake Fluid 300

Brake fluid

This 100% synthetic fluid was developed by racing research and development for competition brake systems.

Advantages :
- Extremely high boiling point (300°C) for perfect fluid stability.
- Makes brake lever more precise and gives extremely consistent braking.

BRAKE FLUID 300 has been tested in GP, where braking is the most intense.

Brake DOT 5.1

Brake fluid

High-performance, high-boiling-point (271°C) brake fluid.

- Higher wet boiling point and better cold fluidity.

DOT 5.1 is ideal for sports riding and for bikes with ABS systems.

X-Treme Brake DOT 4

X-trem Brake fluid is a 100% synthetic brake and clutch fluid specially developed and recomended for use in hydraulic brake systems for the competition motorcycles.

The highest possible boiling points (dry 328°C and wet 204°C) guarantee complete stability of the fluid.

Standards: DOT 4, U.S. FMVSS No. 116, SAE J1704 and ISO 4925 (classes 3 and 4).