Mikuni Fuel Pumps, DF Pump Rebuild Kits and Primer Kits

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Pulse fuel pumps: these Mikuni units use the engine's fluctuating crankcase pressure to pump fuel from a remote tank to the carb.

Common on ATV, watercraft, go-karts.


Mikuni # Outlets Style Mounting

Flow Rate Litre/Hr

DF44-227 1 Square Flush


DF52-136 2 Square Flush


DF52-176 / DF52-21-D 2 Round Bracket


DF52-73 2 Round Flush


DF52-92 3 Round Flush


DF62-702 2 Pentagon Flush


Also available are DF Pump Rebuild Kits

Primer Kits: Made from brass and include fuel line and "T" joint