Muc-Off Fabric Protect 400ml #610

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Muc-Off Fabric Protect 400ml


The Muc-Off Fabric Protect is a real money-saver, protecting your favourite clothes to make them last longer. Whether your jacket has lost its waterproofing or you don’t want to ruin your jeans with mud on your next ride, a quick spritz of this Muc-Off fabric spray will restore waterproofing and protect from additional staining, even stubborn liquids like oil.

Fabric Protect is a specially developed hydrophobic coating which dries colourless onto a wide range of fabrics, and is even safe on breathable fabrics without compromising stretch or breathability. On or off the bike, you can use this spray to waterproof and stain protect your clothes for a range of activities. Make the most of what you’ve got with the Muc-Off Fabric Protect!

Muc-Off Fabric Protect Features

  • Hydrophobic solution
  • Water repellence with oil and stain protection
  • Restores and protects
  • Safe on breathable fabrics - No effect to flexibility or breathability
  • Colourless when dry, naturally air curing
  • Can be used on: leather, suede, cotton, polyester and breathable fabrics