09159-05019 WELL NUT 5MM

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09159-05019 WELL NUT 5MM

The Suzuki part number , which is a nut, fits various models and years of Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs. The fitment:

- **Suzuki Motorcycle - GSX-R1000 (2020)**
- Cowling Body (GSX-R1000A, GSX-R1000RA, GSX-R1000RZA)

- **Suzuki ATV - KingQuad (2014, 2019, 2020, 2022)**
- 2014: Fuel Tank, Rear Fender, Mudguard, Rear Box (LT-A750XZ, LT-A750XP)
- 2019: Rear Fender, Mudguard, Carrier (LT-A400ASi+, LT-A500XP, LT-A500XPZ, LT-A500XPZAXi, LT-A500AXi, LT-A750X, LT-A750XPZ, LT-A750XAXiSE, LT-A750AXiSE)
- 2020: Carrier (LT-A500XPZ, LT-A500XPZS, LT-A500AXi, LT-A500XPZC, LT-A750XP, LT-A750XPZS, LT-A750AXi, LT-A750XPZC)
- 2022: Carrier (LT-A750X, LT-A750XP)