HJC PINLOCK Lens for Visors - HJ05 / HJ07 / HJ09 / HJ17

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The Pinlock 70 lens is the result of two decades of fine tuning to create the perfect anti-fog lens for daily motorcycle commutes and weekend rides. The Pinlock® lens is made to enjoy a fog-free ride. It is based on two key principles to ensure fog-free vision: the moisture absorbing surface of the lens effectively attracts and stores water molecules, while the airtight seal creates a thermal barrier preventing condensation of the visor. The system is kept in place by positioning the lens between two adjustable pins. 

Compatible with the following HJC helmets:

  • CS-15 / CS15
  • CL-14 / CL14
  • CL-SP / CLSP
  • CL-Y / CLY
  • CS-14 / CS14
  • FG-15 / FG15