PIRELLI Night Dragon

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Night Dragon: Where performance meets the street.

Constructed to fit all cruisers. Meets the needs of the increased engine sizes, torque, and horsepower of todays V-twins.

It’s new shape and larger dimension allow new compounds of increased durability and traction.

A new structure also provides optimum pressure distribution and unmatched riding comfort.

The Night Dragon’s street-wise tread pattern blends biker style with riding performance.

Its tread pattern maximizes the contact patch for fast warm up, quickly giving the rider confidence of stability and traction.


Night Dragon GT

Class leading performance, now for more miles.

  • Up to 20% Longer lasting*.
  • Advanced “Full Carbon Black” compound.
  • Stiffer carcass thanks to structure stiffening and high belt tension.
  • Same legendary performance, and 100% mixable with all Night Dragon front tires.

*Versus standard Night Dragon