PIRELLI Scooter SL26 / SL36 / SL38 /SL60

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Sport-touring tread pattern for scooters
Big grooves and blocks in the tread pattern give good wet preformance and assure riding comfort, high milage and even wear.
"All year use" compound.

Sport tyre for the scooter generation

Excellent compound for high levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions.
Single raduis line for the tyres contour to assure handling performance and steering precision.
A tread depth of 5.2mm improves long term usage

Sport touring tread pattern for scooters

Classic designed tread pattern with low section profile and stiff carcass, to ensure superb stability when cornering, even when the scooter is fully loaded.
Outstanding stability and handling characteristics.
Large tread blocks for wet performance, even wear and milage.