R&G Fender Eliminator

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Fender Eliminator

R&G Fender Eliminators dramatically improve the look of the bike, by replacing the huge, original licence plate holder with an elegant new holder – it comes complete with a sleek, superbright, road-legal LED licence plate light (where applicable) and an E-marked reflector. The Fender Eliminator is tucked much closer to the tail of the bike, giving it a really minimalist look that better matches the way the bike’s designer wanted it to look. Unlike our much-loved ‘Tail Tidies’, these Eliminators are NOT a one-size-fits-all solution for all countries, meaning they will best suit countries which use smaller licence plates.

Made from stainless steel and/or aluminium for strength and/or weight saving, the ultra-strong Fender Eliminator has been powder coated for a premium look. Because the Fender Eliminator is tucked into the rear of the bike, the unit is much less susceptible to vibrations. Our Fender Eliminators feature a modular design that allows the use of original or aftermarket/R&G indicators (turn signals), by means of R&G Indicator Adapter kits (sold separately). Designed for a UK licence plate (7 inches / 18 centimetres tall) but suitable for other, similar or smaller sizes as well.  Check local laws before purchasing, and consider the alternative ‘Tail Tidy’.

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