YUASA YuMicron Battery

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  • Special thin YuMicron separator packs in extra plates, delivers up to 30% more cranking power than conventional types.
  • Through-the-wall intercell connector minimises internal resistance, maximises power.
  • Sulfate Stop curbs plate sulfation – and provides longer life.
  • Heavy duty glass mat resists vibration damage.

Personal watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs make special demands – and YUASA’s YuMicron Battery meets them head-on.  The high-tech, power-boosting design also makes YuMicron ideal for accessory-laden touring bikes and modified machines.

YuMicron CX Battery

For increased power, less maintenance and longer life, YuMicron CX is the battery of choice.  The first motorcycle battery built on lead-calcium technology; YuMicron CX is specially designed for today's big, complex machines, where higher cranking power is a must.  It delivers all the features of the standard YuMicron - plus...

  • Unique CX design for higher cold cranking amps.
  • Lead-calcium technology reduces water loss - and servicing - by 66% compared to lead antimony.
  • CX substantially reduces self-discharge - for longer life time between charges.